Welcome to the 

Cyber Security Hub's Digital Summit

November 2018

The need for cyber security education, awareness, and brainstorming has reached its zenith, with enterprises under constant attack. Now, more than ever, security professionals need to learn from their peers, understand what’s going on in their industry – as well as others – and gain a full scope of how to implement protective processes and policies. That’s why Cyber Security Hub is hosting an online Cyber Security Digital Summit.

This Digital Summit comes at a critical and complex time for the industry as many CISOs and cyber security heads are faced with a barrage of new threats, obligations and opportunities.  The threat of ransomware, third-party risk, and unsecured IoT devices alongside obligations to comply with the aggressive storm of regulations and opportunities to stop attackers is now a never-ending battle. The Digital Summit may explore: AI, ransomware, IOT security, 3rd party risk and cloud security through a combination of cutting edge  sessions, in-depth panels and downloadable podcasts. Wherever you are in the cyber security journey, our Digital Summit can help you  develop a blueprint for cyber resiliency. 

Benefits of Attending 

  • Access to cutting edge presentations from global cyber security experts from the comfort of your desk or home
  • Free to dial in for all delegates, presenting a great opportunity to expose your team to industry updates and training without having to invest in conference tickets or travel allowance
  • OnDemand sessions: Downloadable slides and podcasts so you can listen at your convenience and share with colleagues
  • Ask the experts your cyber security questions in real time
  • Easy to juggle work demands with conference attendance


Keep checking back for more information on speakers and topics, and for the registration link to open. 



Welcome to the
yber Security Hub's Digital Summit November 2018